how do i clean my dogs ears | apple cider

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how do i clean my dogs ears | apple cider

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In a positive way:

In order for our dog not to be nervous and nervous and the whole process is difficult for us, it is important to learn from a young age about the ear cleansing process and every time we “eat” his ears we should keep him calm. and relaxed.

It is important to bring him along slowly and calmly with something positive. At the beginning of the process, we start with delightful delicacies that we offer each time he is positive and calm, and then we cut the delicacies slowly and reward each other with caresses and sweet treats.

So our dog will know every time we go to clean his ears that this is something pleasant.


Use the right tools:

You should never use cotton swabs as this can damage the dog’s ears. We have clean cotton with us or wrap our finger with clean gauze to use instead of a cotton swab.

We use organic unfiltered and unrefined apple cider vinegar instead of commercial chemical solutions.


how do i clean my dog's ears

Complete the process at once

The last thing you want to do when trying to clean your ears is to find that you have forgotten something and you need to bring the dog close to you to repeat the procedure again.

Then the dog may show “denial” behavior and there we will need to bring him back again, calmly, relaxed and repeat the process from the beginning always rewarding. We’re always rewarding virtually every time we participate and when it’s cool.

Screening for infections

We should check our dog’s ears for infections, pests or dirt once a week. Take a look inside the ear. The healthy ear has a bright pink color without excessive dirt.

If we look at the dog from any of the following, he may have become infected.

inflammation or edema

any kind of dirt

foul smell

If they are sensitive to touch


If you notice any of the above, do not attempt to clean his ear. Contact your therapist for the appropriate treatment. Untreated or incorrectly treated ear infections can lead to permanent damage.

how do i clean my dogs ears | apple cider


Follow the rules


To clean the ears without causing damage, start by keeping the dog next to you calm and relaxed, lift the flaps of his ears, look inside, smell if there are any unpleasant odors, then release them and praise the dog with treats.

Apply a generous cleanser to go deep inside and massage into the base of the ear for 30 seconds. Then step back and let your dog shake.


Wipe the visible part of his ear and do not try to force any object to go deep because it will cause damage.

Clean, wipe and dry as far as your finger reaches.

Alternatively, you can moisten the cotton with the cleanshow do i clean my dogs ears | apple ciderer, start by cleaning the outside of the ear and then clean the inside until your finger reaches.

If possible, after cleaning a dog with long ears, fold them and allow them to sit upright to allow air to penetrate.

It is even better to do the procedure one day in good weather and avoid evening hours and shortly before sleeping because the dog is more likely to remain moist inside the ear.

Our dog’s ears have the perfect environment to grow bacteria that can lead to serious infections.

By spending a little of your time cleaning your ears of your favorite quadruped, you will keep it healthy and happy.

The above procedure is good for dogs with long ears about every 10 days and dogs with upright ears (best ventilated) about 1-2 times a month.



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