Smart dog looking for his ball is all of us...

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Rosie trying to catch her ball , is all of us !!

allaboutdog | 12,400-Year-Old Frozen Dog Th...

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12,400-Year-Old Frozen Dog Thawed for Research A dog that was found in the ice of Siberia thought to be over 12,000 years old.  Scientists have recently thawed out the ancient, frozen canine, and are learning many things

Ανθρωποζωϊκή Εμπιστοσύ...

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” Όλοι αναπνέουμε αέρα,όλοι έχουμε σκελετό,όλοι έχουμε όργανα και όλοι κάποια στιγμή..θα πεθάνουμε.Πολύ μικρές διαφορές υπάρχουν μεταξύ εσένα, εμένα και έναν σκύλο.Δεν υπάρχει λόγος πλέον να παίρνουμε διαφορετικά φάρμακα η να ακολουθούμε διαφορετικές θεραπευτικές μεθόδους εμείς οι

Greek Plumber Helps Injured Dogs Walk Again...

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Vassilis Tzigouras, a Greek plumber who loves animals, decided to use his knowledge and skills in order to help disabled dogs walk again. Sometimes, dogs can get injured or suffer a serious illness that will leave them


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KEFALONIA IS NOT ONLY ABOUT TOURISM Every year pets and stray animals are killed for a more “beautiful” Kefalonia. People behave to animals like they belong to them and when they ‘re bored of them they abandon

Fines and a trial for owners of barrel dogs...

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Two owners of eight barrel dogs will face justice, as they left their dogs without food and water, living in squalor, at Aspro Nero, Apidakia, Agia Irini and Kalo Chorio (villages of the Municipality of Sitia). Local

Stray dogs are a problem in Athens

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“Not because they will attack you or chase you through the city streets but mostly because of an image problem of a major city and wandering around, lounging in the shade, solo and in packs are dogs.”

Cop Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car To See How Her Dog Felt: Police Blotter

Cop Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car To See How H...

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  Cop Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car To See How Her Dog Felt: Police Blotter   A police officer in Strongsville, Ohio, made a woman sit in a hot car so she could see what it